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Submitted on
March 8, 2007


33 (who?)
Eighth week and we're hooked completely! Showcasing the Apoadmin's faves from this week's posted Apophysis art.

Included in the article are the Weekly Theme Contest winners. Watch the Apophysis journal for a big WTC announcement coming soon, and check out a new fractal artist every day with our random member feature!

Platinus' Top Picks

The Anatomy of Cerberus by silverb Celestial Impact by Nestalgica
flag factory by Mobilelectro Void by Scully7491

NatalieKelsey's Top Picks

Gothic Rockets by slobo777
magic show by onlyalive8 The Storm Within by one-tough-one

Phoenix-22's Top Picks

:thumb50217590: Underground by slobo777
Strange Tiles by RichBanana True Magic by KainApophysis

Nestalgica's Top Picks

:thumb50217590: torso by nad451
Chaos III by Kaeltyk Reactor Core- Wallpaper by Taser-Rander

lyastri's Top Picks

Pattern Cloner by Expercf Plasma by CeramicsMaster
better books by TaraRoys Bubbles and Blocks by justravelin

cmptrwhz's Top Picks

:thumb49262810: Thoughts of Flight In The City by slobo777
torso by nad451 Vibrams by Eel-Ecurb

rubikscubefreak's Top Picks

Ngon Tree by ibon16 Jagged by TwilightAmbiance
Geis by MeddlerInc Invader by Taser-Rander

Halcyon83's Top Picks

Apple Martini 3 by MrEvilFX Limon Twist by one-tough-one
Mental Cobwebs by ChristopherPayne anatomy by grinagog

Weekly Theme Challenge Winners for Challenge #8: Metal!

First Place

Iron Rose by NatalieKelsey

Second Place!

Into Oblivion by Glimphor

Third Place!

Mechanical Teeth by Ravenfire711
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SparklyDest Mar 11, 2007  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
:drool: I can start sleeping again....
What a gorgeous array of fractals to feast our eyes on ! Thanks for the treat ! :D
vulcania Mar 11, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for the feature! :glomp:
Thanks so much for the pick Platinus.
Really beautiful works here!
And Torso was picked by two members...
Ohmygosh! Lyastri, thanks so much for the feature! It's so nice to actualy see fractal appreciation! :blowkiss:

Great choices again, as always guys! I do see there's a little in-house competition? Or did I just misinterpret that comment before me? :rofl:
Competition? What competition? We're one big happy apo-family here. :)

Max!!! :shakefist:

Damn you for beating me to =stepunk's piece, I literally had visited the page 1 minute after you did. =D

Otherwise, cool features everyone, I noticed a few on there that I have already commented on, and one oldie that I am quite fond of.
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